It was in 2000 when eight young musicians around 18  years old from the Music School of Beasain in Guipuzcoa, amazed by their recent discovery of folk music (more precisely celtic music) fell in love with its magic, and decided to meet regularly to interweave the notes from their respective instruments : Acordion , whistles, bagpipe and guitar etc.

 As the months went by they discovered different traditional music styles; Irish, Scottish, Galician, Asturian, Basque,  and they discovered many common points between all of them in the scope of Folk or World music  
 A few months from the beginning of their meetings, happy about their sound, they decided to give the project a name, calling it Briganthya. Why this name? The celts, in ancient times, called the celebrations at summer solstice “Brigantia”. They liked the name, spiced it with their potion, and the name Briganthya appeared .

 It was  the 5th of June 2001 when Briganthya first took the step to play on stage, and made what was their first performance, at Ordizia Medieval Fair, Guipuzcoa. They were so well recieved that the band began to receive contracts to perform throughout the Basque Country. That same year the band discovered the Nacional Folk Festival Circuit as well ,being invited to play at one of the oldest festivals in Spain, Festival Internacional Celta de Irmandiño, in Moeche, A Coruña (Galicia). After being so successful in Galicia it was next the turn of one of the other prestigious national festivals, the Festival Internacional de Getxo (Bizkaia).

 In february 2002,  Briganthya released their first recorded work, “Ashèra”, which means beginning in their own personal way. Thanks to “Ashèra” Briganthya played in some of the most prestigious festivals in Spain throughout 2002, 2003, and 2004; Folk Segovia, Pardiñas (Galicia), Mondariz (Galicia), Poborina Folk (Teruel), Zamora Folk, Ortigueira (Galicia), Folk Burgos, Xedré (Asturias), Via Celta (Madrid) etc. They shared stages with such artists as  Wolfstone, Kila, Hevia, Lúnasa, Solas, Gwendall, The Chieftains, Capercaillie, Carmen París, Allan Stivell, Dervish, Cristina Pato, Mercedes Peón, Susana Seivane, Gordon Duncan, John McSherry, Berrogüeto, Tejedor, Xosé Manuel Budiño and Flook, among others.
 In June 2004 Briganthya returned to the studio to record their second cd, in which they were joined by musicians from the mythical Galician band Luar na Lubre, a band they had been inspired by from the very beginning. Four of the musicians took part in the recording; Bieito Romero  (Galician bagpipes), Xavier Ferreiro (Percussion), Patxi Bermúdez (Bodhran) and the singer who formed part of the band for many years Rosa Cedrón (Voice).  Luar na Lubre collaborated as guest artists on six of the twelve tracks which make up the disc. A veritable proof of the way the Galicians approved of and supported the music-making of Briganthya.

 In 2005  this new work, “Viaje de Bruxas” was released on the Spanish label Tecnosaga, produced by Javi Area. Ith this disc Briganthya wanted to reflect the magical journey they had began some years before.

  In 2006, thanks to this disc, Briganthya toured Nicaragua, performing in four of the most important stages :  Teatro Rubén Darío en Managua, Auditorio Principal de la ciudad de León and  Auditorio Casa Los Tres Mundos en Granada, sharing a stage with Ramón Mejía, famous Nicaraguan singer and nominee for a Grammy Latino, who is better known as “Perrozompopo”. Without any doubt this was an unforgettable experience, and one which would help Briganthya to experiment with other musical cultures.

 In September 2007 the french label Mosaic showed interest in “Viaxe de Bruxas” and begun to work with the group throughout France. Because of this in 2008, 2009 and 2010, as well as continuing to perform all over Spain ( Festival Internacional de Zas (Galicia), Festival de Callobre (Galicia), Festival Comillas (Cantabria), Anfiteatro de la Expo (Zaragoza) etc etc) Briganthya began to perform in France in such cities as San Juan de Luz, Meilhan, Lignières Sonneville, Baiona and Biarritz and others. It is also important to note the festival of Sighisoara, Romania's most famous medeival festival, in a magical and unique mountain setting with the very castle of Vlad the Impaler (also known as Dracula) as a backdrop.

There is no doubt that all these years and concerts had made a name for Briganthya in Folk an World music circuits.  

 In 2011 Briganthya begun a new stage in their career, with the departure of Ane Lasa (Piano) and Laura Latienda (Voice), and the appearance of Maialen Errotabehere as the new voice of the band. She has a special voice full of energy, which combines perfectly with the dynamic music, the essence and magic of the band.   

  Throughout 2011 Briganthya were submerged in work, creating their new recording, “Destino Nuevos Aires” with the new voice of Maialen. In mid 2011 they went to the studio. As producer  Matthieu Haramboure, and Paxkal Etxepare as sound engineer.

  Briganthya were joined by many guest performances for this work, especially Anton Davila from Celtas Cortos on Uilleann Pipe and Whistles, and Diego Galaz from la Musgaña on the fiddle.

  The path undertaken in this recording led to the oppurtunity to meet David Feito, leader of the pop band El Sueño de Morfeo, who decided to compose and produce a track for Briganthya, as well as collaborating with guitar, bouzouki and voice tracks. A hitherto unknown experience for the band, but douybtless one which will have great results
 And, after all this,“Destino Nuevos Aires” is released, and , as is name suggests, announces a new musical adventure. An attractive and risky proposal, combining the energetic voice of Maialen Errotabehere with the musical essence of the band, which will leave no one indifferent!

After a two year hiatus from the musical scene, late in 2016 David Fernández and Dani Conde decide to embark on a new journey, pursuing new sensations. Enrolled in this new journey, Eneko De La Fuente, co-founder member of Briganthya, joins the band again, contributing his versatility on musical instruments (Accordion, Bodhran, Didgeridoo and Voice). Soon after, all three members take a new stopover to recruit the last member to join this new quartet, Edu Andérez on guitar. This last member, with a wide and well known musical career, will bring to the band a different approach to understand Folk Music.  

They all relaunch in 2017 Briganthya, with this updated line-up, a new musical adventure on the stages that, no doubt about it, will leave no one indifferent. Musical magic and essence are assured!

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